International Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 7) in London 2024

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International Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 7) in London 2024
Discount Icon £ 1,375 per month | Total £ 2,750
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We are a world class business school located in the heart of London, Dubai, Islamabad and Lagos.
We are one of the fastest growing private business schools, with a stylish blended
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Accredited Degrees

Accredited Degrees

Gain an International Postgraduate Diploma which is recognized and accepted worldwide.

Low Fees

Low Fees

Get as much as 50% scholarship.

100% Assignment Based

100% Assignment Based

All modules are assessed via submitted assignments - there are no exams to write.

Easy Payment Structure

Easy Payment Structure

You can pre-structure your preferred payment option. Pay in easy instalments.

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Aim of the Programme:

Human Resources Management impacts directly on the growth and advancement of every modern organization and is a much sought-after qualification. The MSBM International Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management is a specialized Programme that enables students to develop an advanced understanding of concepts, approaches, and tools relevant to the field of Human Resource Management in the 21st Century.

The course is designed to help learners develop the competencies and knowledge needed to understand the complexities surrounding the human factors in the workplace, lead organizations through change initiatives, and effectively manage the human capital within the organizational context. It will also equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective change agents, either as an entrepreneur, managers or consultants.

Programme Structure

This program consists of 6 compulsory units, which are equal to a total of 120 credits.

Mode of Study: Blended

Assessment: Research-based Assignments

The International Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management is a comprehensive programme that covers key modules essential for effective HR management. The program includes modules on employee engagement and organizational learning, business research methods, global resourcing, talent and reward management, leadership development and performance management, managing employee relations and employment law, and strategic human resource management. Students will develop a thorough understanding of these topics and learn how to apply them in real-world HR management scenarios. By the end of the program, students will have the skills and knowledge to manage human resources in a global context effectively.

All MSBM courses are accredited by the relevant partners and awarding bodies. Please refer to MSBM accreditation in about us for more details.

University Top-up

Upon completing this course, students can complete a Master's degree programme from one of our Partner Universities. The top-up programme can be studied online. The top-up may comprise the study of a few modules or a final dissertation project. 

(The course tuition fee listed above does NOT include the top-up fee)

For more details and partner Universities offering the topup, please speak to our student advisors.

For entry onto theInternational Postgraduate Diploma (IPGD) in Human Resource Management qualification, learners must possess:

  • An honours degree in a related subject or the UK level 6 diploma or equivalent overseas qualification, i.e. bachelor's Degree or Higher National Diploma


  • Mature learners (over 25) with at least five years of management experience if they do not possess the above qualification (this is reviewed on a case-by-case basis)

Workshops are conducted by live webinars for online students.

There is no Visa requirement for this programme.

Boost your credibility and advance your knowledge, role and career.

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