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Language: English
3 Months
12 Lectures
Study Level: Normal
Certificate of Completion

Gaining deep insight into successful business strategies is a must for business professionals and managers alike. That’s because no matter where you are in your career, it’s critical to understand the market your business is in and the effect your leadership and decision making can have on your company’s success. How else can you maintain your company’s value proposition, increase market share and remain competitive?

In this online course, you will gain new perspectives for building market resilience and dominance for your organization. Understand the difference between corporate and business strategy and what it takes for a corporate headquarters to add value and increase business unit success. Study best practices in key areas of corporate strategy, including diversification, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, corporate governance and strategic leadership.

Strategic management is important because is helps in setting detailed goals, analysing all our internal and external resources, analyzing our external environment, as well as stakeholder views. Good corporate governance needs an efficient strategic management process.

This online master certificate program benefits professionals at all levels who want to contribute to their organization’s performance. It is ideal for directors and company executives who determine strategic direction and position their organization to lead within its industry. The SEMP SBM Certificate program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving upon their organizational management skills.

Students who successfully complete the SEMP online programme will receive a Certificate SEMP in Strategic Business Management from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK.

• What is Strategy?
• Understanding Strategic Management
• Understanding the Competitive Environment
• Analyzing the Competitive Environment
• Stakeholder Analysis, Organisational Purpose and Organisational Vision
• Understanding Core Competence
• Competitive Advantages
• Competitive Strategy
• Strategic Choice
• Strategy Formulation
• Strategy Implementation
• Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

  • Central lecture from MSBM UK
  • Live Webinars
  • Study Materials
  • Practical Business Case-studies
  • MSBM Reference
  • Course Transcript
  • SEMP Certificate from MSBM UK
  • Network with other professionals

The Special Executive Masters Programme (SEMP) is an Executive Education Programme.It is “NON CREDIT BEARING and NON DEGREE HOLDING”. The SEMP is NOT an actual Masters Programme but a trade mark of the Metropolitan School of Business and Management. The SEMP is very similar to the “MINI MBA” offered by Universities all around the world. However the modules of the SEMP programme was modelled after the regular masters programmes which allows delegates to gain a thorough knowledge of the subject. This programme cannot be use as a Masters Certificate or disguised as such as it carries no credit and cannot be used to pursue an academic PHD. However the relevancy of the certificate lies in the knowledge of the bearer to demonstrate ground knowledge of the subject the certificate was issued in, and this certificate counts towards the appropriate Continuous Professional Development (CPD).