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Course Features
Language: English
3 Months
12 Lectures
Study Level: Normal
Certificate of Completion

The encapsulated Senior Executive Programme in Operations Management is for high performance managers and directors who work in critical roles using available resources to effectively produce products and services in a way that satisfies the customers. The programme is also useful for managers and directors who need an intensive course to cover the key areas that drive success and profit in everyday business operations.

If you want to reduce the amount of investment that is necessary to produce the required type and quality of products and services by increasing the effective capacity of the operation, provide the basis capacity for future innovation by building a solid base of operations skills and knowledge within the business and have the drive and uphold vision to take your current role to the next level in order to distinguish yourself as a truly high- performance manager, then this is just the right programme for you.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about competitive advantage, something that every business seeks. Many debates more specifically focus on how operations management can deliver competitive advantage in different environment. When enrolled for this programme, you will gain a complete and thorough grounding in the four major concepts of competitive advantage in operations management which are:

• Cost Leadership
• Short delivery times
• Flexibility
• Reliability

By the end of three months, you will have worked through several case studies, have access to numerous online academic material, interact with peers from different countries and background and also have receive directions from the best business trainers in the business world today.

• Personal career development
• Promotion to ‘generalist’ roles from functional specialisation
• Guiding my company to profitability
• Contributing to the growth of my organisation
• Personal recommendations by online alumni students
• A ‘taster’ before embarking upon an academic Masters programme
• Broadening of business expertise for those from public and non-profit making organisation.
• People without previous University, Polytechnics or College degrees.
• There is no strict requirement for this programme as it is a non-credit bearing programme.
• Participants have the option to attend the school graduation ceremony in Dubai

Students who successfully complete the SEMP online programme will receive a Certificate SEMP in Operations Management from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK.

  • Introduction to Strategic Operations
  • Strategic thinking for Operations
  • Operations Strategy Planning
  • Product and Process Design
  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Layout and Flow Design
  • Process Technology
  • HR Issues and Job Design
  • Improvement and Quality in Operations
  • Planning and Control I
  • Planning and Control II
  • Challenges for the future.
  • Central lecture from MSBM UK
  • Live Webinars
  • Study Materials
  • Practical Business Case-studies
  • MSBM Reference
  • Course Transcript
  • SEMP Certificate from MSBM UK
  • Network with other professionals

The Special Executive Masters Programme (SEMP) is an Executive Education Programme.It is “NON CREDIT BEARING and NON DEGREE HOLDING”. The SEMP is NOT an actual Masters Programme but a trade mark of the Metropolitan School of Business and Management. The SEMP is very similar to the “MINI MBA” offered by Universities all around the world. However the modules of the SEMP programme was modelled after the regular masters programmes which allows delegates to gain a thorough knowledge of the subject. This programme cannot be use as a Masters Certificate or disguised as such as it carries no credit and cannot be used to pursue an academic PHD. However the relevancy of the certificate lies in the knowledge of the bearer to demonstrate ground knowledge of the subject the certificate was issued in, and this certificate counts towards the appropriate Continuous Professional Development (CPD).