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Course Features
Language: English
3 Months
12 Lectures
Study Level: Normal
Certificate of Completion

SEMP Information Technology program is designed to provide you with an integrated design and technology background that may help you advance your career. You will have the opportunity to apply appropriate technologies in the analysis and design of information systems, as well as assess ethical, legal, and social issues. You will also have the opportunity to study the theory, principles, and practices of information systems. Gaining value from technology requires an understanding of how technology interacts with business processes, strategy, and policy.

The SEMP Information Technology helps information technology (IT) professionals develop the necessary skills to be successful in their jobs and advance their career opportunities. This includes skills that will complement their technical skills, such as general management, leadership, strategy, interpersonal communication, relationship-building, effective consulting, and the ability to effectively influence managers outside the IT function and within the organization.

The advancement of computers and communication technology continues to have a profound impact on our lives, and the workplace needs technically competent people to provide appropriate computing solutions for users. SEMP IT focuses on providing a broad-based foundation in information technology (IT) and on helping online students develop skills and knowledge in technical areas with practical value in the workplace. In addition to technical knowledge, many IT workers need to be able to communicate, handle multiple tasks at once and assess user needs when developing computer-based solutions. SEMP IT also teaches problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills.
With an online learning environment in and experience, the SEMP IT offers an education designed around today’s workplace. A world of opportunity is waiting for those ready to take the next step forward in their education.

This online certificate program in Information System, benefits professionals at all levels who want to contribute to their organization’s performance.

Here are some of the people who will benefit from the online programme:

• Executives with responsibility for, corporate communications, and/or investor relations.
• Functional leaders who are involved with defining or executing brand and reputation strategies, such as leaders from human resources, public affairs, environmental relations, and legal
• Managers seeking to move into leadership positions in their organization
• Individuals seeking knowledge for career advancement in the field of enterprise software management
• Cross-functional teams from within an organization can take the program, as that accelerates the impact and engenders a common language and understanding in the organization
• Directors
• Business owners
• IT Trainers
• Corp Members
• Government officials

This online certificate program in Information technology, benefits professionals at all levels who want to contribute to their organization’s performance.

Students who successfully complete the SEMP online programme will receive a Certificate SEMP in Information Technology from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK.

• Studying Effectively I
• Studying Effectively II
• Academic Research
• Literature Review I
• Literature Review II
• Information Systems: An Emerging Discipline
• Organisation as Systems
• Information Systems in an Organisational Context
• Information Technology Developments I
• Information Technology Developments II
• Information Technology Developments III
• Future Developments

  • Central lecture from MSBM UK
  • Live Webinars
  • Study Materials
  • Practical Business Case-studies
  • MSBM Reference
  • Course Transcript
  • SEMP Certificate from MSBM UK
  • Network with other professionals

The Special Executive Masters Programme (SEMP) is an Executive Education Programme.It is “NON CREDIT BEARING and NON DEGREE HOLDING”. The SEMP is NOT an actual Masters Programme but a trade mark of the Metropolitan School of Business and Management. The SEMP is very similar to the “MINI MBA” offered by Universities all around the world. However the modules of the SEMP programme was modelled after the regular masters programmes which allows delegates to gain a thorough knowledge of the subject. This programme cannot be use as a Masters Certificate or disguised as such as it carries no credit and cannot be used to pursue an academic PHD. However the relevancy of the certificate lies in the knowledge of the bearer to demonstrate ground knowledge of the subject the certificate was issued in, and this certificate counts towards the appropriate Continuous Professional Development (CPD).