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Course Features
Language: English
3 Months
12 Lectures
Study Level: Normal
Certificate of Completion

The SEMP in Financial Management is targeted at finance professionals and other professionals who want to develop a career in finance, and who require a wide-ranging understanding of financial techniques and their application – but do not require high-level mathematical understanding of finance theories.
The SEMP FM offers specialist study in the areas of corporate finance, investments and risk management. It will give online participnats a relevant practical knowledge of finance that can be put into use straight away. Careers in finance depend upon a strong understanding of the foundations of finance, investment behaviour and the dynamic nature of finance, and the SEMP FM will provide a strong preparation for a career in a wide variety of positions within the finance profession.

Understanding non-profit financial reports and improving an organisation’s ability to manage solvency issues is key to a sustainable and successful organisation. Our online SEMP FM program and will help your Board, Senior Management and other team members of your organisation understand the ‘money story’, so they can make better-informed decisions about the organisation’s future.
If you do not have a strong financial background, this three months online course will improve your ability to manage solvency and risk issues and increase your knowledge of how to use financial information more effectively.

SEMP Financial Management help participants to develop the skills to analyze company financial data accurately and strategically in this online program, it focused on improving executive decision making. Whether your concern is your own company, competitors, or potential acquisitions, you will master tools and techniques that give you a comprehensive view of any business, so you can monitor and forecast performance, measure profitability, assess competitiveness, and analyze restructuring opportunities.

Other Benefits include:

• Financial management plays an involved role in the health of the overall economy, which impacts everyone, regardless of whether or not they have studied finance.
• Like companies, individuals are faced with investment and financing decisions. Having a firm grasp of finance will help individuals make those decisions.
• All businesses functions deal with finance because they need to be able to make the financial argument for the funding of their projects and to manage their budgets.
Who should enroll in this online Certificate Program?
• Advisors working with private equity, including investment bankers, consultants, corporate lawyers or accountants
• Finance professionals and senior executives who want to understand the implications of private equity for their business, or who want to work in the industry
• Investors, from pension fund managers to wealth managers seeking to deepen their knowledge of private equity to inform decisions
• Entrepreneurs or senior executives from large companies seeking private equity funding
• Private equity professionals wishing to benefit from the latest research and practice

Students who successfully complete the SEMP online programme will receive a Certificate SEMP in Financial Management from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK.

• Introduction
• Sources of Funds
• Financial Reporting to External Stakeholders
• Cash Flow
• Assessment of Financial Performance
• Management Control -Theories and Models
• Strategic Control Issues
• The Nature of Costs
• Calculation and Use of Full Cost Techniques
• Accounting in Support of Decision-Making
• Budgeting
• Capital Investment

  • Central lecture from MSBM UK
  • Live Webinars
  • Study Materials
  • Practical Business Case-studies
  • MSBM Reference
  • Course Transcript
  • SEMP Certificate from MSBM UK
  • Network with other professionals

The Special Executive Masters Programme (SEMP) is an Executive Education Programme.It is “NON CREDIT BEARING and NON DEGREE HOLDING”. The SEMP is NOT an actual Masters Programme but a trade mark of the Metropolitan School of Business and Management. The SEMP is very similar to the “MINI MBA” offered by Universities all around the world. However the modules of the SEMP programme was modelled after the regular masters programmes which allows delegates to gain a thorough knowledge of the subject. This programme cannot be use as a Masters Certificate or disguised as such as it carries no credit and cannot be used to pursue an academic PHD. However the relevancy of the certificate lies in the knowledge of the bearer to demonstrate ground knowledge of the subject the certificate was issued in, and this certificate counts towards the appropriate Continuous Professional Development (CPD).