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Course Features
Language: English
12 Months
6 - 9 Modules
Study Level: Advanced
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Students will be awarded Dual Qualification

Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (QCF) – 6 Months

Credits: 120 Credits

Master of Business Administration (MBA Top-up) – 4 – 6 Months

Credits: 60 Credits

Mode of Teaching:  Classroom or Online

Delivered & Awarded By:  Partner University

This Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (QCF) leading to an MBA is designed to fit around work and personal commitments. World class teaching is delivered in Modular format workshops, with online activity to enrich the learning experience. MSBM has perfected the act of delivering practical management education. Our practice-based approach focuses on addressing real-world business problems.

We don’t just give you the theory; we ensure you learn how to apply it in your working life immediately, with live case studies, interactive workshops, business simulations and 100% project based.

Semester 1

Advanced Business Research Methods (20 Credits) lecture

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ ability to prepare for various types of academically based management research through the development and design of a research proposal. Learners will develop a critical understanding of the philosophical, practical and ethical concepts of research within the context of the business environment.

Strategic Marketing (20 Credits) lecture

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of the concepts, methods and technical aspects of strategic marketing and the challenges associated with marketing in today’s business environment, including how a strategy combines product development, promotion, distribution, pricing, relationship management and other elements.

Strategic Leadership (20 Credits) lecture

This unit provides an in-depth understanding of the key principles and practice of leadership This will enhance the individuals’ knowledge, skills and attributes to effectively engage in the role and responsibilities required of an effective team player and leader of a team; being proactive in innovation and improvement to inform strategy and business planning within the organisation.
Semester 2

Strategic Human Resource Management (20 Credits) lecture

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of how the effective strategic management of human resources supports the achievement of organisational objectives in different contexts. Learners will evaluate the contribution of strategic human resource management, and the application of leadership and management theory for organisational benefit.

Strategic Financial Management (20 Credits) lecture

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to apply financial principles relevant to management in an organisational context, including analytical techniques and theories/models of management accounting, evaluation of budgetary processes, recommending funding sources and appraising investment options.

Strategic Management (20 Credits) lecture

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of strategic and change management models, as well as the ability to review strategic plans, to propose strategic options, to create implementation plans and to lead organisational changes.

Globalisation and Corporate Governance (20 Credits) lecture

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of the effect of legislation, ethics, and global integration on decisions, corporate governance, policies, processes and activities undertaken by organisations.

Supply Chain and Operations Management (20 Credits) lecture

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of the concepts and models of effective supply chain and operations management in competitive marketplaces using case studies and real-world industry scenarios. Learners will develop an understanding of operational processes, techniques, planning and control systems.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (20 Credits) lecture

The aim of this unit aim is to introduce learners to the basics of business processes and strategies related to enterprise and entrepreneurship, developing knowledge of enterprise and entrepreneurship in global contexts.

The student must complete a coursework assignment and business research project to successfully complete the programme.

Dissertation and Research Methods (60 Credits)

MSBM is a fully accredited institution in all branches to offer Level 4,5, 6 and 7. The modules are written against prescribed learning outcomes defined by MSBM awarding bodies, who are regulated by Ofqual, the Government appointed regulator. MSBM is not a degree-awarding body.

Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK does award any degree certificate.

The MBA certificate is issued by MSBM partner Universities.

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Please get in touch with us to see if you are eligible for this course. Our advisors are here to help you choose the best educational pathway for your career development.

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MSBM workshops are usually on weekend, depending on the centre you are studying with. These workshops are very interactive, with discussion groups, interactive activities and presentations. Further, students will have lots of opportunities to interact with fellow students to discuss and learn from their study experiences as well.

Workshop held at various MSBM centres, please contact your local centre to know when workshops are taking place.

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