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Special Executive Master's Programme in Research Methodology in London 2024
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Special Executive Masters Programme (S.E.M.P)

This programme is geared at enhancing professionals' careers. The SEMP is an encapsulated Senior Management Programmes are short certificate modules designed for anyone who would benefit from more in-depth business knowledge delivered in a short and intensive programme

What makes us different?

We are a world class business school located in the heart of London, Dubai, Islamabad and Lagos. We are one of the fastest growing British business schools with a stylish blended learning model that is both online and on campus.

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Course Overview

The MSBM Special Executive Masters Programmes (SEMP) allows you to update your skills, develop new skills, and explore and develop interests in a wide range of topics. These courses can be taken as personal or professional development and may enhance your employability.

Organizations and Individuals that are at the peak of their business, and are blossoming or flourishing need to conduct research so as to maintain their position in the industry, or advance further and also to keep their competitors at bay. Organizations arm themselves with crucial information that will allow them to make informed business decisions when they invest in research. One needs to find out crucial information about one’s competitors, know how successful they are, what they do and do not offer, how one may be able to fill the gaps in their offering, and how to give one’s business a competitive advantage. Research Methodology will enable students to relate business to such areas as identifying your target customers, marketplace trends, production processes, and financial practices, help you predict trends, project sales, spot opportunities, and avoid potential problems. Understanding the nature of different types of business research will help you use data to maximize your sales and profits.

Research Methodology is the most commonly recognized and utilized social science for studying large populations. Demand is growing worldwide for professionals who can influence social issues and conditions by conducting surveys, analyzing data, and reporting results. Help fill the growing need and enhance your career with the SEMP Research Methodology online certificate program.


Mode of Study

Using Web-based technology, this program provides self-paced, individualized instruction that can be taken anywhere and anytime an individual has access to a computer and the Internet. This Programme is suitable for successful professionals or specialists in the private, public, or voluntary sectors who have new management responsibilities and need to quickly expand their management knowledge.

This Programme serves as a refresher course for those who have had their Masters a long time ago and need quick reminders and professional/ academic updates while it serves as a primer for those very experienced Professionals who never made time out for their masters yet they require the academic and practical relevance of this master’s experience.

It is a short executive training that runs online for 3 months. Candidates will run 2 months of active lectures and series of assignments and 1 month for their dissertation. Upon successful completion of the Programme, candidates will be awarded a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate in the specific Programme they have completed.

What is a CPD Course?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which professionals maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills. The world is constantly moving at a very fast pace so undertaking CPD is essential to support a professional in his/her current role as well as helping them with career progression. CPD is all about upgrading knowledge, skills, and capabilities to remain effective and compliant.

A CPD course is an investment that you make in yourself. It’s a way of planning your development that links learning directly to practice. CPD can help you keep your skills and knowledge up to date and prepare you for greater responsibilities. It can boost your confidence, strengthen your professional credibility, and help you become more creative in tackling new challenges.

Why SEMP Research Methodology?

The Survey Research Methods online certificate program is ideal for individuals who routinely produce, analyze, or utilize survey data. Individuals who work in government, nonprofit and research organizations will benefit from this program. Completion of this program will enhance employment opportunities for expanding professions that demand evidence-based research regarding social issues and conditions.

This fully online program will afford you the opportunity to:

  • Update your research skills and demonstrate knowledge in Mixed Methods Research
  • Add a valuable credential to your resume/vitae to help advance your career
  • Complete the certificate in as little time as possible
  • Basic knowledge of designing a survey
  • The skills necessary to conduct and manage a survey project
  • An understanding of the statistical procedures used to process and analyze survey data

Who should enrol in this online Certificate Program?

This non-credit-bearing course is designed to benefit professionals at all levels who want to contribute to their organization’s performance. It is ideal for directors and company executives who want to update their research skills and understand the statistical procedures and basic knowledge of how to design a survey in order for their organization to lead within its industry. The SEMP Research Methodology Certificate program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving upon their organizational research skills.

This module provides the most critical information about the study course and assignment submission.

  • Navigating the MSBM Study Portal

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Course Structure and Guidelines

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Interacting with Lectures/Learning Components

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Harvard Referencing Style Guide

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • How to Summarise - Assignment Guide

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Summarising, Paraphrasing, Quotation for your Assignment

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Official Title Pages - SEMP

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

The course is designed to help students become good researchers, to become familiar with the steps in proposing research topics, and clearly apply research knowledge in education. After completing the course, students will be able to prepare a research plan, collect data, address research questions and hypotheses, and organize a project report.

  • Research Philosophy And Principles

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • VIDEO - Overview of the Research Onion

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Choosing A Research Topic

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Research Strategy And Design

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Research Proposals

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Searching And Reviewing The Literature


  • VIDEO - How to write a Literature Review

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Critique And Argument In Research

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Developing A Conceptual Framework

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • PDF - How to create a Conceptual Framework

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Research Ethics

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Research Methods I

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • PDF - How Observation is Used As a Research Method

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Research Methods II

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Data Analysis

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Writing Up

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • QUIZ - Research Methodology

    Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz. Read each question carefully and choose the response that you feel is correct.

The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

There are no strict entry requirements for this course. Work experience will be added advantage to understanding the content of the course.

This is a self-study programme with unlimited tutor support. You will never be more than a message or phone call away from our tutors.

There are no Visa Requirements for this Course as it's an Online Course.
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