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This programme is geared at enhancing professionals' careers. The SEMP is an encapsulated Senior Management Programmes are short certificate modules designed for anyone who would benefit from more in-depth business knowledge delivered in a short and intensive programme

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This programme is ideal for the High-Performance Managers, CEOs, Founders, COOs, Entrepreneurs and Directors who work in critical roles and need an intensive course to cover the key areas that drive success and profit in business today.

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Why is it that some leaders inspire success, while others struggle to motivate their people? Why do some organisations thrive where others fail? Most importantly, how can any of us be certain our organisations will survive an uncertain future?

Leading Businesses into the Future offers leaders new insights into these questions, with a ground-breaking blended format that offers both a comprehensive review of your organisation and expert-led sessions on how to succeed in the modern economy.


Discover the actions leaders must take to unite their people around meaningful work and steer their organisations to sustainable success.


Gain the tools to build a positive environment with evidence-based techniques from our faculty and distinguished guest speakers.


Gain the tools to build a positive environment with evidence-based techniques from our faculty and distinguished guest speakers.

We help you create the leaders of tomorrow for your organisation. Drive your business towards growth with employee development. Our programs are designed to identify, train and help develop the necessary skills for your employees.

This programme has an emphasis on developing global perspectives to ensure that participants are well prepared for the unique challenges of leading and innovating in an ever-changing, international business environment.


Discover different stages of team development and leadership styles needed to move them toward success.


Your employees gain practical insights from industry-wide leaders about team development.

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The MSBM Special Executive Master Programme (SEMP) in Public Sector Management is designed to fit around work and personal commitments. World-class teaching is delivered via pre-recorded online lectures to enrich the learning experience. MSBM has perfected the art of delivering practical innovation and development skills. Our practice-based approach focuses on addressing real-world business problems.

We don’t just give you the theory; we ensure you learn how to apply it in your working life immediately, with case studies, webinars, business simulations, and 100% project-based.

The Special Executive Master Programme (SEMP) in  Public Sector Management makes the students able to shape and deliver the public services of the future and move into more strategic roles in a wide range of organisations.

Assessment: Assignments

The objective of the Special Executive Master Programme (SEMP) in Public Sector Management qualification is to develop make the students able to shape and deliver the public services of the future and move into more strategic roles in a wide range of organisations.

This qualification reflects current practices in public and public sector administration and allows learners to develop and expand their high-level understanding of the public management. 

Course Details:

Leadership and Management in Public Administration
: Navigating the complexities of public service with effective leadership and management strategies.
Reforms and Innovation in Public Services: Driving change and efficiency through progressive reforms and innovative approaches in public service delivery.
Analysis and Theory in Politics and Policy: Understanding the intricacies of political dynamics and policy development through rigorous analysis and theoretical frameworks.
Public Finance Management: Ensuring fiscal responsibility and accountability through strategic management of public finances.
Project Management in Public Administration: Executing public initiatives efficiently and effectively through structured project management methodologies.
Advanced Approaches to Research Methodology: Elevating research practices with sophisticated methodologies to address complex challenges in public administration.
Assessment: GP
Upon finishing the coursework, students must complete a graduation project(GP) that combines and utilises the knowledge acquired across different modules. This qualification embodies current practices in Public Sector Management and helps learners deepen and broaden their understanding of the field at an advanced level
Programme Structure and Credits:

This programme comprises 6 modules with 30 ECTS and 1 GP of 30 ECTS.

This module provides the most critical information about the study course and assignment submission.

  • VIDEO - How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Harvard Referencing Style Guide

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • How to Summarise - Assignment Guide

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Summarising, Paraphrasing, Quotation for your Assignment

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Official Title Pages – SEMP

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

The aim of this unit is to equip learners with key concepts, issues and challenges that a public sector Organisation might face in the 21st Century. Exploring how managers develop their management and leadership skills to manage stakeholders, organisational change and complex decision making. Learners will develop skills and knowledge to enhance their leadership competencies, analyse leadership theories and enhance their decision-making abilities to enable them to work more effectively in the public sector organisation.

  • Key Issues And Challenges For Public Service Organizations

    This lecture defines public service organizations

  • Public Leadership And Management

    This lecture elaborates on definng leadership in public sector organizations

  • Examining The Role Of Leadership In Public Sector Organization

    The lecture defines the role of leadership in public sector organizations

This unit will support learners develop their innovative managing and leadership skills to develop innovation for public service reform. Learners will develop skills and critically analyse strategies to manage change, innovation, issues and challenges for the public sector reform.

  • Understanding Public Sector Reforms

    This lecture defines the public sector

  • The Role of Innovation in Public Sector Reform

    This lecture defines the role of public sector innovation

  • Understanding the Concept of E-government and innovation in Public Sector

    This lecture elaborates on the concept of ICT  and E-government

  • Change in Public Administration

    This lecture explores the concept of change management

  • Global Public Sector Reform

    This lecture elaborates on global public sector reform

  • Theories And Historical Perspective Of Public Policy

    This lecture defines public policy, its concept and evolution

  • Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation

    This lecture explores public policy analysis

The aim of this unit is to equip learners with the knowledge and skills of how public finance management rules, laws and regulations help leaders to evaluate and assess expenditure, income and budget for public sector organisations. Learners will be able to gain an understanding of different theories, conduct comparative analysis across different economics around the world, understand governance issues and evaluate key financial concepts to develop their conceptual framework to work effectively in managing public finance.

  • Introduction to Public Finance Management

    This lecture defines the concept of public finance

  • Good Governance And Fiscal Sustainability In Public Finance

    This lecture defines the concept of fiscal sustainability

  • Public Finance - Working Capital Management

    This lecture explores the concept of working capital mangement

  • Public Financial Management For Economic Development

    This lecture defines the concept of public financial management

  • Public Financial Funding And Reporting

    This lecture explores the concept of public financial options and its various methods

Public sector projects have a great impact on society and the economy. It is a challenging part of the public administrators and managers jobs to administer, manage and lead high-value projects and optimise project outcomes. In this unit, learners will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of the project to create public value. Learners will explore how to conduct feasibility studies of the project; plan, initiate, control, monitor and review by acquiring both practical and theoretical skills to manage a successful public project.

  • Principles and concepts in Project Management

    This lecture defines the concept of project management and its principles

  • Roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager

    This lecture elaborates on the project manager and their roles

  • Key project Leadership and Team Management Concepts

    This lecture explains the concept of project leadership and project management

  • Project Feasibility and Risk Management

    This lecture defines the meaning and types of feasibility analysis

  • Project financing options

    This lecture explores the different sources of finance options

  • Project Cost Estimation

    This lecture explains the meaning and features of cost control

  • Project Management Methodologies

    This lecture elaborates on the meaning and benefits of project management methodologies

  • Planning and Scheduling Effective Projects - Part 1

    This lecture explores Work Breakdown Structure

  • Planning and Scheduling Effective Projects - Part 2

    This lecture explores project execution strategies

  • Planning and Scheduling Effective Projects - Part 3

    This lecture defines the concept of project scheduling

  • Planning and Scheduling Effective Projects - Part 4

    This lecture focuses on project management report, importance and best practices

  • Project Communication Plan

    This lecture explores project management plan

  • Monitoring and Controlling Mechanism in Project Management

    This lecture defines the concept of project monitoring and controlling

  • Project Documentation and Quality Control Mechanism

    This lecture elaborates on the concept, stages and benefits of contract management in project management

  • Conflict and Crisis Management in Projects

    This lectures explains the concept of conflict and crisis management in projects

  • Closing and Reviewing Projects

    This lecture guides the learner through the concept of project closure

The unit aims to equip learners with the practical, technical, and methodological skills required to conduct independent research for their research project in the domain of public administration and management broadly defined. It recognises that conducting research requires the development of specific and generic research skills, including understanding the research design process, understanding different techniques for conducting research in business and management studies, and appreciating the ethical and social implications of undertaking high-value research. This unit will enable learners to develop a critical awareness of key research skills as researchers and/or independent practitioners.

  • Research Philosophy And Principles

    This lecture introduces research philosophy and principles

  • VIDEO - Overview of the Research Onion

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Choosing A Research Topic

    This lecture guides the learner in understanding how to choose a research topic

  • Research Strategy And Design

    This lecture defines research strategy and design

  • Research Proposals

    This lecture defines research proposals

  • Searching And Reviewing The Literature

    This lecture explains searching and reviewing the literature

  • VIDEO - How to write a Literature Review

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Critique And Argument In Research

    This lecture defines critique and argument in research

  • Developing A Conceptual Framework

    This lecture elaborates on developing a conceptual framework

  • PDF - How to create a Conceptual Framework

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Research Ethics

    This lecture defines research ethics

  • Research Methods I

    This lecture explores research methodology

  • PDF - How Observation is Used As a Research Method

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Research Methods II

    This lecture introduces the learner to research methods

  • Data Analysis

    This lecture explores the concept of data analysis

  • Writing Up

    This lecture guides the learner on the concept of writing a research

  • QUIZ - Advanced Business Research Methods

    Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz. Read each question carefully and choose the response that you feel is correct.

All MSBM courses are accredited by the relevant partners and awarding bodies.  Please refer to MSBM accreditation in about us for more details.

There are no strict entry requirements for this course. Work experience will be added advantage to understanding the content of the course.

This is a self-study programme with unlimited tutor support. You will never be more than a message or phone call away from our tutors.

Workshops are conducted by live webinars for online students.

Classroom workshops are available if there is a local branch in your country. Speak to our course advisors on this subject.

There is no Visa requirement for this programme.

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