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MBA in Business Management in Nigeria 2024

Make an investment in your long-term career at one of the best business schools on the planet.

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MBA in Business Management in Nigeria 2024
Discount Icon ₦ 3,881,719 per month | Total ₦ 7,763,438
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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Management is designed to fit around work and personal commitments. World-class teaching is delivered via pre-recorded online lectures to enrich the learning experience. MSBM has perfected the art of delivering practical management education. Our practice-based approach focuses on addressing real-world business problems.

We don’t just give you the theory; we ensure you learn how to apply it in your working life immediately, with case studies, webinars, business simulations, and 100% project-based.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Management allows you to achieve the qualification between 8 to 10 months, so it is a fast track to new opportunities and enhanced career prospects.

The purpose of this programme is to deliver a practical and realistic solution to a business-related strategic challenge, which in turn is supported by appropriate reference to theoretical and conceptual analysis.

MBA in Business Management encompasses key areas like Managerial Economics, Leadership, and Accounting, providing skills in financial analysis, operational efficiency, marketing strategies, and international business, all designed to develop effective managers and strategic thinkers in a global business environment.

Mode of Study: Blended

Assessment: Assignments

The objective of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Management qualification is to develop strategic management and leadership skills for managers who have the authority and personal attributes to translate business strategy into effective operational performance.

This qualification reflects current practices in Business Management and allows learners to develop and expand their high-level understanding of strategic management and leadership. 

 Programme Structure and Credits:

This programme consists of 6 modules with a total of 120 credits. 

After the successful completion of the programme, the learner will be able to;

Managerial Economics

Understand and apply economic principles to inform business decisions and strategy.

Managerial Skills

Develop essential managerial competencies, including communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Accounting for Financial Reporting

Gain proficiency in financial statement analysis and regulatory compliance in corporate reporting.

Accounting for Managerial Decisions

Learn how to use accounting information to support strategic planning and operational decisions.

Cutting Edge Leadership

Explore contemporary leadership theories and practices to lead teams effectively.

Financial Management

Acquire the knowledge to manage corporate finance, including capital budgeting and risk management.

Operations Management: Productivity & Quality

Understand operations processes to improve productivity and ensure quality in business operations.

International Business Environment

Examine the global context of business, focusing on cross-cultural management and international trade.

Leadership and Managing Human Capital

Learn strategies to lead and manage human resources, focusing on talent development and employee engagement.

Marketing Management

Develop skills in market analysis, customer segmentation, and strategic marketing planning.

Business Statistics

Use statistical techniques to analyze business data and support data-driven decision-making.

Sales Management

Understand the principles of sales strategies, team management, and customer relationships.

Business Law

Learn the legal framework governing business operations, contracts, and corporate governance.

Strategic Management: Integrating the Enterprise

Explore methods for aligning business functions to achieve long-term strategic goals.

Organizational Behaviour

Study the dynamics of individuals and groups in organizations to foster a positive workplace culture.

This module provides the most critical information about the study course and assignment submission.

  • VIDEO - How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • Harvard Referencing Style Guide

    Watch this video to gain further insight.

  • How to Summarise - Assignment Guide

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Summarising, Paraphrasing, Quotation for your Assignment

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

  • Title Page

    Downloadable material to advance your understanding of this module.

This module is developed to provide an understanding of the basic principles and concepts of micro and macroeconomic theory and their applications in the field of management. It provides the tools and techniques of economic analysis commonly used in decision-making by managers. It develops the ability to analyse and solve economic problems firms and organisations face.

  • The Macroeconomic Environment

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Introduction to Managerial Economics & Demand Analysis and Estimation

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Production and Cost Analysis & Estimation

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • The Market Structure & Game Theory

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Pricing Practices and Market Failure

    Self-paced pre-recorded learning content on this topic.

  • Managerial Economics

    Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz. Read each question carefully and choose the response that you feel is correct.

All MSBM courses are accredited by the relevant partners and awarding bodies. Please refer to MSBM accreditation in about us for more details.

For entry onto the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Management qualification, learners must possess the following:

  • An honours degree in a related subject or UK level 6 diploma or equivalent overseas qualification i.e. Bachelor's Degree or Higher National Diploma


  • Mature learners (over 25) with at least 5 years of management experience if they do not possess the above qualification (this is reviewed on a case-by-case basis)

Workshops are conducted through live webinars for online students.

There is no Visa requirement for this programme.

Boost your credibility and advance your knowledge, role and career.

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What makes our business school different?

We are a world class business school located in the heart of London, Dubai, Islamabad and Lagos. Known to offer one of the best MBA distance learning courses in Nigeria, we are one of the fastest growing British business schools with a stylish blended learning model that includes both online degree programmes and on campus.


Accredited Degrees

Gain an accredited online MBA through our online course in Nigeria which is recognized and accepted worldwide.


Low Fees

Get as much as 60% scholarship on our online MBA courses.


100% Assignment Based

All modules are assessed via submitted assignments - there are no exams to write.


Easy Payment Structure

You can pre-structure your preferred payment option. Pay in easy instalments.


Graduate On Campus

Celebrate your success by having your graduation on campus.


Dual Qualifications

Earn an MBA Degree + International Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Personal Counselling
Personal Counsellor

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Learn fast
Learn fast
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Study Online
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Global community
Global community
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Masters Sample Certificate

Get Your Degree
Get Your Degree
You will receive a degree certificate from MSBM and the Partner University.
Learn Practical Business Modules
Learn Practical Business Modules
Complete several modules ranging from Business Leadership and Managing People.
Study while you work
Study while you work
Obtain a degree without necessarily leaving your country.

Get Your Degree

You will receive a degree certificate from MSBM and the Partner University.


Learn Practical Business Modules

Complete several modules ranging from Business Leadership and Managing People.


Study While You Work

Obtain a degree without necessarily leaving your country.


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