Master of Arts (MA) in Human Resource Management (Campus) in Musandam 2024

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Master of Arts (MA) in Human Resource Management (Campus) in Musandam 2024
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The Master of Arts in Human Resource Management is delivered in two stages. 

Stage One: This stage is taught and delivered by MSBM and contains SIX modules of 30 ECTS: – 6 - 8 Months

Credits: 30 ECTS

Stage Two: This stage is delivered online by our partner university with a study of 30 ECTS: 4 – 6 Months

Credits: 30 ECTS

Assessment: Assignment/Project/Dissertation

As a Human Resource (HR) Manager, you’ll be critical in helping companies and their workforce work together to achieve their shared goals. Your skills, empathy, experience and sense of responsibility will be required to help bridge gaps, settle disputes and represent both the interests of employers and employees simultaneously.

Fortunately, the Master’s in Human Resource Management programme covers all the information you need to face these challenges confidently: from business knowledge to personnel management and personal development approaches. After completing your studies, you’ll have a holistic understanding of how to support employees best, manage their needs and support managers in their efforts to increase productivity.

The content of the qualification is focused on the following:

  • Apply strategic human resource management practices in a global context: Students will develop the ability to analyze and evaluate the strategic role of HRM in multinational organizations. They will understand the challenges and opportunities of managing a diverse workforce across different cultural and legal environments and be able to develop effective HR strategies that align with the organization's global objectives.

  • Design and implement employer branding and recruiting strategies: Students will gain the skills to develop and execute employer branding strategies to attract and retain top talent. They will learn how to effectively utilize various recruitment channels, assess candidate suitability, and employ innovative techniques to create a compelling employer brand that resonates with diverse candidate pools.

  • Develop talent management and HR development initiatives: Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to identify and nurture talent within an organization. They will understand the importance of succession planning, career development, and performance management and be able to design comprehensive HR development programs that align with organizational goals and foster employee growth.

  • Utilize people analytics and big data for HR decision-making: Students will explore the role of data analysis and technology in HRM. They will learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret HR data to make informed decisions and improve organizational performance. Students will also understand the ethical considerations of using people analytics and big data in HR practices.

  • Conduct advanced research in HRM: Students will develop proficiency in advanced research methods and techniques used in HRM. They will be able to design and conduct empirical studies, analyze and interpret data, and critically evaluate existing HR research. Students will gain the skills necessary to contribute to the field of HRM through their own research endeavours.

All MSBM courses are accredited by the relevant partners and awarding bodies. Please refer to MSBM accreditation in about us for more details.

This course will enable the student to progress to a full Master's degree with our partner University by enrolling for the second stage of the programme.

 Stage 2:

This stage is delivered online by our partner university with a study of 30 ECTS:

For entry onto the Master qualification, learners must possess the following:

  • Completed undergraduate degree with 240 ECTS.
  • Your degree must be from a state or state-recognised higher education institution/university.
  • You must have achieved a final grade of at least “satisfactory” or Grade C equivalent in your previous undergraduate degree.
  • Proof of at least one year’s professional work experience completed prior to the start of the study programme. Work experience must have been gained after the completion of your undergraduate studies.
The admissions documents must be provided in English or German. If they were not issued in one of these two languages, a translation is required. 

English Language Skills:

Is English your native language or have you graduated from an English-speaking school or university? Then you do not need to prove your English language skills. 

You can prove your English skills with an English B2 level certificate (no older than 5 years). Don’t have this at hand? No problem! You can quickly get your English certified with Duolingo. 

  • Take the online test in just 45 to 60 minutes 
  • Receive your certified results within 2 days 
  • Save valuable money and time 

We also accept the following English language skills certificates: 

  • TOEFL (minimum 80 points) or 
  • IELTS (minimum Level 6) or 
  • Cambridge Certificate (minimum Grade B)

Workshops are conducted through live webinars for online students.

There is no Visa requirement for this programme.

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What makes our business school different?

We are a world class business school located in the heart of London, Dubai, Islamabad and Lagos. Known to offer one of the best MA Degree distance learning courses in Musandam, we are one of the fastest growing British business schools with a stylish blended learning model that includes both online degree programmes and on campus.

Accredited Degrees

Gain an accredited online MA Degree through our online course in Musandam which is recognized and accepted worldwide.

Low Fees

Get as much as 60% scholarship on our online MA Degree courses.

100% Assignment Based

All modules are assessed via submitted assignments - there are no exams to write.

Easy Payment Structure

You can pre-structure your preferred payment option. Pay in easy instalments.

Graduate On Campus

Celebrate your success by having your graduation on campus.

Dual Qualifications

Earn an MA Degree + International Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Personal Counselling
Personal Counsellor

Have any questions?

Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our Study Advisors. You can also find information about the application process under our Become a Student page.

+971 586 744 707

*Available Mon-Fri 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM GST

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How to get started with your degree lectures

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Get Your Degree
Get Your Degree
You will receive a degree certificate from MSBM and the Partner University.
Learn Practical Business Modules
Learn Practical Business Modules
Complete several modules ranging from Business Leadership and Managing People.
Study while you work
Study while you work
Obtain a degree without necessarily leaving your country.

Get Your Degree

You will receive a degree certificate from MSBM and the Partner University.


Learn Practical Business Modules

Complete several modules ranging from Business Leadership and Managing People.


Study While You Work

Obtain a degree without necessarily leaving your country.


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