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Advanced Professional Certificate in International Trade Law in Colonia 2022
Discount Icon UYU 11,790 UYU 6,550
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Advanced Professional Certificate Courses

These are short online certificate courses of a more advanced nature designed to help you develop professionally and achieve your career goals, while you earn a professional certificate which qualifies you for the appropriate continuous professional development (CPD).

This Advanced professional certificate course covers essential topics relating to international trade and international sales contracts.
First, this course explores international trade's legal and regulatory landscape and how this practice can negatively and positively impact economies, societies, and the environment. In addition, the course introduces some fundamental concepts, reflects on relevant market theories, and then presents an in-depth analysis of complex international trade agreements and mechanisms, including GATT and WTO. Second, the course explores the English legal and regulatory landscape of the sales of goods and the principles on which law practitioners draft and negotiate these contracts.
The course introduces some fundamental concepts relating to the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers in sales contracts. Moreover, the course will help participants reflect on the scope and provisions of the Vienna Convention for the international sale of goods by introducing fundamental concepts explaining the obligations of the seller and buyer under the agreement and analysing remedies offered to the buyer and seller. The course also introduces fundamental concepts such as the foreign exchange markets and various payment methods in international trade.

After the successful completion of this lecture, you will be able to;
  • Measure the impact of international trade on economies and the environment.
  • Reflect on relevant market theories.
  • Understand the structure, role, and function of the world trade organisation.
  • Understand the construction of contracts of sales of goods and products in English law.
  • Determine the rights and obligations of buyer and seller in international sales contracts.
  • Reflect on the remedies offered to the buyer and seller in case of breach of contract.
  • Understand the different types and effects of incoterms rules.
  • Reflect on the scope and provisions of the Vienna Convention for the international sale of goods.
  • Understand the obligations of the seller and buyer under the CISG.
  • Analyse remedies offered to the buyer and seller under the CISG.
  • Reflect on the economic foundations of international sales contracts.
  • Understand the function of foreign exchange markets.
  • Understand various methods of payment in international trade.

Advanced professional certificate course on complex international trade policies and constructs of international sales contracts.

The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

There are no strict entry requirements for this course. Work experience will be added advantage to understanding the content of the course.

The certificate is designed to enhance the learner's knowledge in the field. This certificate is for everyone eager to know more and gets updated on current ideas in their respective field. We recommend this certificate for the following audience.
  • Legal advisors.
  • Law practitioners.
  • Contract specialists.
  • Legal officers.
  • Contract managers.
  • Business developers.
  • Trade advisors.
  • Trade compliance officers.
  • Law lecturers.
  • Business lecturers.
  • Legal and business researchers.

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