Bachelor of Arts in Management - Advance Entry (level 4 & 5) in United Arab Emirates

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What makes us different ?

We are a world class business school located in the heart of London, Dubai, Muscat and Lagos.
We are one of the fastest growing British business schools with a stylish blended
learning model that is both online and on campus.

UK Accredited

Gain a British BSc which is recognized and accepted worldwide.

Great Value + Low Fee

Competitive tuition fees, giving you an edge in your chosen career.

Dual Qualifications

Earn a British BSc + Extended Diploma in Business Management.

Final Semester in the UK

Undergo your final semester in the UK.

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Level 4 Diploma in Business Management: 08 - 12 months - 120 Credits

Level 5 Diploma in Business Management: 08 - 12 months - 120 Credits

BA (Hons) Management (Top-up):              06 - 09 Months - 120 Credits 

Delivered & Awarded By;  Partner Universities

The Undergraduate Level 4/5 Extended Diploma in Management is a 240 credit course designed to fast-track students to the final year of an associated Undergraduate BA in Business and Management, which can either be completed on campus or via distance learning. The course is made up of 6 units of Level 4 modules (120 credits) and 6 units of Level 5 modules (120 credits). If students decide to only study at level 4 they will only receive 120 credits and exemption from year 1 of a degree. 

Each module consists of 40 guided learning hours of material with an additional 30-50 hours worth of optional materials which comprise of recommended exercises, recommended readings and internet resources. Within the modules are self-testing exercises. You must take care in answering these. Although they are not marked nor do they count towards your final assessment, the marking is tested against your scoring on the final assessment to check for consistency of score.

The modules are written against prescribed learning outcomes defined by the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) administered by Ofqual, the Government appointed regulator. In addition, the learning outcomes are articulated against MSBM Awarding Bodies curriculum who is a recognised awarding body monitored and assessed by QAA, the Quality Assurance Agency, the Government appointed quality assurance body.

Successful completion of the full Level 4/5 Extended Diploma in Management and final year of an accredited Undergraduate Degree programme, will give students the right credentials to go on and apply for a job in Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Management or Business Consultancy.

  • Assignment & Study GUIDELINES

    This module provides the most critical information about the study course and assignment submission.

  • Level 4 - Business Environment
  • Level 4 - Introduction To Business Communication
  • Level 4 - Introduction To Business Functions
  • Level 4 - Introduction To Finance
  • Level 4 - Introduction To Quantitative Methods
  • Level 4 - Research And Academic Writing
  • Level 5 - Accounting For Managers
  • Level 5 - Business Ethics
  • Level 5 - Business Law
  • Level 5 - Human Resource Management
  • Level 5 - Project Management
  • Level 5 - Strategic Marketing

MSBM UK is a fully accredited institution in all branches to offer Level 4, 5, 6 and 7. The modules are written against prescribed learning outcomes defined by MSBM awarding bodies. 

MSBM is accredited by OTHM, ATHE, Qualifi. Please refer to MSBM accreditation in about us.

Level 4 and 5 Diploma in Business Management: Awarded by MSBM Awarding partners.
BA Business Administration:  Awarded by MSBM Partner University. 

For entry into the Level 4 or 5 Diploma in Business Management, learners must possess:

* Relevant/Local Board of Examination Result in your Country, which must include at least 5 'C' Grades in English and 4 other subjects. 

* Mock Examination Results can also be accepted for initial Conditional Admission, pending the release of the Board of Examination Results. (This is assessed on a case by case basis). 

* Learner must be 18 years and older at the start of the Course. 


Mature Learners (21 years and older) with work experience in supervisory, leadership or management roles. (This is assessed on a case by case basis).


Workshops are conducted by live webinars for online students.

Classroom workshops are available if there is a local branch in your country. Speak our course advisors on this subject.

There is no Visa requirement for this programme.
Learn fast
Online courses with compact learning chapters enable you to learn business skills faster than ever.
Study Online
Get access to online study materials. All courses are 100% online and self-paced.
Global community
No conventional requirements needed, our courses are open to all ages, professions and citizenship.









Dual Qualifications





Get Your Degree

You will receive two degrees from MSBM Partner Universities.


Learn Practical Business Modules

Complete several modules ranging from Business Leadership and Managing People.


Study while you work

Obtain a degree without necessarily leaving your country.



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