Students may only defer their place on a course by up to 1 academic year, subject to a written application, the payment of the deferral/administrative fee and the School's approval. Under no circumstances will deferral be granted for more than one academic year.

Students must make an application for deferral at least 28 days (4 weeks) before the Course Commencement Date.

Even if you defer your programme, your ongoing payments terms or schedules should be adhered to strictly. Payments outside the payment terms/schedules as given on your Payment Tab on the MSBM Online Study Portal or your Invoice would be subject to an Administrative or Deferment Charges and any new Tuition Fee (both for MSBM Courses/Programmes and our 3rd party Top-ups Programmes) for that Academic year.

You can defer for 6 months at no extra fee than the originally charged administrative fee plus any increase in Tuition Fee. By the 7th month, there would be an increased administrative charge for the Session plus any increase in Tuition Fee. By the 12th month, you would no longer be considered a student. This means that failure to attend or take up the Course by the 12th month (1 academic year) would mean your initial Tuition Fee payment is forfeit.

By the 13th month, your deferment to the next academic year would no longer be valid and you would have to re-register, pay the registration fee and pay the Tuition Fee afresh.

Applications Cancelled less than 4 weeks after initial payment are subject to an administration charge deductible from the initial payment made and/or as stated on your Invoice or payment page.

No refund would be given for cancellations less than 14 days to the Programme and there would be an administrative charge for deferment to another Session. No refund would be given for cancellations once a student logs in to the MSBM Online Study Portal when the course enrolled for, has been activated on their Portal

Upon deferring their course, students waive their right to submit an application for a refund. Where a student has deferred their course, and subsequently fails or attempts to withdraw from the course NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED save in exceptional circumstances. The School has sole discretion in determining whether or not student's circumstances are exceptional.