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MSBM glories in the variety of students from an assortment of countries around the world. There are over 50 different nationalities in our online campus.

+An International Perspective
From the moment you log into our global online campus, you will become part of a diverse and ever expanding international community. It is an experience that is better undergone than imagined or read about. You meet students and participants from other continents and countries
+The Online Learning Experience

 Online students interact with learning contents, teachers and class members in a similar way to campus students. For example they view lectures, partake in discussions, have one-on-one tutorials with their teacher, perform group work, submit assignments, and take exams, all online.In any course of learning, good communication between teacher and students, and between the students themselves, is important. When you learn online there can be one-to-one communication between you and your teachers by email about class-works and assignments. You could also pose a question to your study group using email or on a discussion forum, and then join in the discussion that follows. Other internet resources such as instant messaging or conferencing facilities help to ensure rapid and relevant communication.

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+Our Virtual Library
 There is a well-stocked virtual library with a regularly updated supply of e-books, professional e-magazines, reference materials and on-line access to publication databases including EBSCO. The MSBM library is open to all active MSBM students.
+Students Support

 We believe that a successful and motivated student, with a good support system, is a happy student. Our Student Support Team offers a range of services to ensure each student gets the support they need. Our service is targeted to help students with concerns that are affecting their academic performance or overall lifestyle, and is available to all students; full-time, part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate.Read more on our MSMB Student Counselling Service

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